Info about GDPR 

In accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into effect on May 25, we are adapting our Terms of Service. That's why we have included some important news
As of May 25, to comply with the new legislation, we will keep in our database only the names of users considered "active".
What do we mean by active users?
As "active user" we mean an account that has used our services or has purchased one of our services in the last 24 months.The concept of "active user" will be applied to any type of account (whether they are normal accounts, superaccount, reseller or sub account).
When an account becomes inactive and is deleted?
Accounts that have not purchased any service within 24 months after the last SMS credit or purchased subscription expires are considered inactive.
Regarding the sub accounts and reseller customers, the users are considered "inactive users" after 24 months from the last SMS or EMAIL sending and / or activation of any service.
All accounts and sub accounts considered inactive will be automatically removed from the database.
What do you need to do?
It is important that super accounts or resellers promptly notify their sub accounts or customers, on the introduction of this legislation that will impact their accounts.
In the event that one of your accounts or sub accounts risks being deleted but you wish to keep it active, it is sufficient to express your interest by resuming to use our services. If your account is inactive and you want it to be permanently removed, you will not have to do anything.
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